Residents Inn by Marriott, Downtown South, Indianapolis

Anchoring Indianapolis’ old Southside Neighborhood, the Residence Inn is co-developed with apartments to create a cohesive extended stay venue.  Anchoring the old Southside of Indianapolis, which was shaped by Jewish and African American immigrants who formed a common theme that cohered into a unified neighborhood, the mixed uses will attract diverse residents, guests and diners to foster a sense of inclusive hospitality.  Topped by a full-service roof bar with panoramic views to the Indianapolis skyline and downtown landmarks, the seven story building houses 135 hotel keys and 63 apartments.

Sharing common infrastructure, separate entries and circulation are provided to separate the hotel guests and apartment residents.   An urban courtyard provides and extension of the lobby and an amenity lawn supports the apartment residents.

The steel structure is clad cement fiber panels and oversized windows to provide natural light to the loft like guest rooms and apartments.   Integrated louvers accommodate mechanical systems and accentuate the vertical façade composition captured in an articulated perimeter frame.  A transparent streetscape storefront invites passersby from Indianapolis main arterial, Meridian Street.  Residents’ balconies are drawn into the façade on the upper two levels.

Interior character will to create a sense of place by drawing from elements of the area’s historic business community and surrounding industry. Employing subtle nods from Indianapolis local landmark deli, Shapiro’s Delicatessen, next door, detailing celebrates the bustling commerce linked to the area while utilizing materials common to central Indiana to create an approachable nostalgia.