Office Architect Indiana Zionsville Eyecare Storen Financial Multi-Tenant Office Building

1120 W. Oak, Zionsville

Located on an infill site between Zionsville’s town hall and a retail-oriented thoroughfare, this multi-tenant building is designed to harmonize with the character of the town village. Set within a punched opening in the brick façade, a projected curtain wall ‘showroom window’ is topped by an outdoor patio, providing a distinctive corner to mark the building’s identity while meeting its tenants’ specific needs; the curtain wall features an eyecare provider’s wares, and the patio affords exterior meeting and gathering spaces for a financial services firm. The masonry, glass and metal cladding provide a composed facade that references, the village’s 20th century functional brick architecture. The two-story lobby provides visual connection to all of the building’s tenants as steel detailing, articulated signage and storefronts complement the character of the structure.